Scripture Memorization

 The heart of AWANA is scripture memorization. It is important   because it points us to Jesus and we should make much of Him.    Faith in Christ comes by hearing and hearing by the gospel of Christ.

  Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind when your child(ren)

  are memorizing scripture:

Scripture must be recited word perfect. It’s God’s Word,

   not ours.

The AWANA leader will say verse reference (ex:  John 3:16)

    the clubber is ready to recite.  Leader will also say first

    1 - 2 words, if necessary to help clubber start.

Clubber can receive up to 2 helps (2-3 words each)

   when reciting scripture to their club leader unless it is review.

Clubbers need to use the “sandwich method” when

    reciting scripture.  Say the reference, John 3:16, the verse

    and then say the reference, John 3:16, again.  This

    method helps the clubber to better remember the verse.

Challenge your child(ren) to memorize scripture word

   perfect without any helps before club night.  A little review

   (5 - 10 minutes) each day is all that is needed...make it a habit.